Welcome to Rigatoni’s

My lovely Italian family invited me along to their second restaurant opening!

My review on Zomato http://www.zoma.to/kOolEy

Sultana Malik
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What’s the best thing todo after a crazy day in events management and organising a fashion show? Yes… Go for food or for me desert 😀 went to my favourite Italian place in Edinburgh on Sunday! This is a family run restaurant located at the heart of Edinburgh! Recently won the title of best family restaurant for a Scottish Italian award 2014! Jordan and my favourite foodie Tee Miah got a pasta dish which got gobbled up! Literally! I went for Mama Molfino’s home made Nutella cheesecake! The texture is perfetto! The Nutella chocolate wasn’t too rich which made it perfect with vanilla ice cream! Everything was reasonably priced! Not sure how much the bill was as Tee being the perfect gentleman took the bill. Regular favourite! Highly recommended!

I hope you enjoyed the short video footage from the evening! I think I’m getting confused with ratatouille (the movie Cause he was a chef)  and Rigatonis. After this video I don’t think I’ll forget the name.


Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤


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