#100DaysOfAScottishAsianBride [Day 15]

#100DaysOfAScottishAsianBride [Day 15]Learning to cook 

Yes yes yes…. I’m Asian and I live with a house full of girls and I don’t know how to cook! I’m pretty lucky growing up as I never felt pressure from mum to help her with cooking, it’s only cleaning she trained me well which reflects my OCD issues.

People like my mum and sisters cooking so natural for them, even my younger sister knows how to cook! I literally need a cook book with step by step instructions.

Thaher being the eldest and me becoming the eldest bhabi (sister in-law) I think it’s time I learn as I don’t think everyone will appreciate a takeout all the time (imagine my mother In-laws face).

Mum taught me how to cook curry, Hassy western food and desert from Google 😉

Things I’ve learnt;

  • Kebabs
  • Fajitas
  • Alu bhaji
  • Alu and mushroom bhaji
  • Aubergine bhaji
  • Chicken curry
  • Lasagna
  • Bengali breakfast
  • Bannoffee pie
  • Cheese cake


Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤


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