#100DaysofaScottishAsianBride [Day 13]

#100DaysofaScottishAsianBride [Day 13]
Venue hunting

One thing I’ve leant about taking charge and organisation with Bengali family’s is… There is non. Everyone from my family and tees are so polite than no one wants to talk about dates and take charge. This is an events coordinators worse nightmare ;/ within our culture brides play this quiet shy role and don’t really speak about the wedding. So my frustration on getting things organised is on a high! Once a date is set for the nikkah I can book everything else.

I ideally wanted a really intimate nikkah like Rukias where it was only family attending and no friends Or like my sisters cinifan at home, But as its a joint cinifan and nikkah everyone decided to make it in a venue space.

Corn exchange


I’ve been to corn exchange for events a number of times. Helped at the Hospitality Industry Trust Scotland in 2011 for work experience, attended the vintage 50s night and my best friend ambers 21st. The venue space is great as it has 4/5 different suites, ts big and the main function suite can hold up to 1200 people. They’ve recently got a Asian wedding service. With Asian weddings it’s only outside catering that can apply. So in-house wouldn’t work for the attendee. The pricing of hiring the corn exchange is ridiculous. £5000 for venue hire and £500 for kitchen/licensing. That’s on venue hire alone never mind food and deco. A little frustrating when I phoned, the sales team said one price, then face to face said can reduce it for me, email confirmation suggesting the same price as the brochure? Not great and doesn’t make me comfortable that they can just make up unrealistic pricing and not very competitive with another large venues.

National museum


The Edinburgh national museum is literally 5 minutes away from my high school. During all our free periods or ‘free time’;) that’s where we’d go. I love this venue symbolises my youth. The new section of the museum is like a huge bird cage. The capacity of the venue is 300 which is great but due to Thaher being the eldest in his family and the number of friends my mum and dad have this is too small for us 😦



Recently had Arianas birthday here. If you don’t know by now but my favourite Indian restaurant! No one does it like kababish. Owners were really good during Arianas bday and knows us which means can deal with such a huge family, and my annoying 5 other siblings.

Sorry about the long post, I could have split up the different venue visits but didn’t want to bore you, with my events cap on.


Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤



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