Beauty post: How to get Kylie Jenner Lips

Kylie Kylie Kylie… Oh how quick you can change a girls life in her make up routine! So last year 2014 (and even to this date) the Kylie Jenner lips was what all us beauty lovers talk about!

I’ve learn a easy but effect way (without surgery) to achieve similar results.

I’m absolutely loving a lip selfie at the moment @sultana_malik ! I’m grateful for everything I’m blessed with BUT I would be even more grateful if I had a fuller top lip!

Want to know how I achieved this look?

Step one: Lip hydrating

Firstly you need a great lip balm! Winter and Matt lipstick is literally the worse combination! I’ve tried every single lip balm in the market but non meet my needs! Lip balms always feel like it’s sitting in my lips surface but not hydrating my lips at all!

So randomly a few years ago I tried using this relief cream by blistex usually for cold sores ect. And literally the best thing for your lips!  You can buy it in boots not in the Lip balm section but the health care section near the cold sores.

TIP: Make sure you exfoliate your lips at least once very 3/4 days (Lush Lip scrub)

Step two: Lip primer

I’ve not been using my velvet teddy from Mac recently as its really damaging my lips. I love Matt products but not in winter. So during a recent flight to London, at Mac the girl advised me to use a primer. I like my lip liner sharp by putting Vaseline or lip balm before applying products makes the liner look smudgy. But the girl said it will help moisturise my lips and help it not go chappy with the Matt lipstick.

The primer feels like a normal lip balm but it does exactly what it says, prime your lips for lipstick.

Step three: lip liner

As mentioned I like my lip liner sharp. So I use my Mac soar lip liner to colour my lips. I love the colour the lip liner leaves! Then with Mac Currant Lip liner draw a thin liner right on the edge of your lips. This gives your lips some depth and that Sharp look I’m after. 

Step four: lipstick

Start from your bottom lips from the middle, I’m blessed with big bottom lips so I concentrate on my top lip more, and ensure my lip stick stretches the maximum for your lip liner (use a small foundation brush to go over any smudges). 

Step five: tinny highlight

With your favourite highlighter and tinny brush the Cupid’s bow of your lips. This works well for people with small top lips!

 And that’s you winter lip ready with Kylie Jenner lips without the surgery!

Dream to inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤

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