#100DaysOfAScottishAsianBride [Day 8]

DAY 8: The planning begins

So my mum and dad were invited along to my in-laws house to formally discuss the wedding plans and dates. This was the first time the rest of my family got to meet Thaher and his family as on this occasion extended family were invited along.
In the Bangladeshi tradition it is not known for the bride to visit the marital home before marriage, which I think is due to respect or possibly just superstition. But I’m glad my little sister (my maids of honour) attended and I ensured she was my eyes and ears.
The Miah family treated my family as royalty and they made sooo much food. Everyone was given little goodie bags and warm hugs as a welcome and goodbye.
Now the next step is to organise the Nikkah, which is the Islamic ceremony where I will be recognised as Thaher’s wife. Me? A wife? ALREADY!?

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