#100DaysOfAScottishAsianBride [Day 6]

DAY 6: Research, research, research


The first thing to do in wedding planning is go through magazines and pin on pinterest. In the next few posts I will do a breakdown the different events within Asian weddings which can also be found in Rukias Wedding 2015 Part 1. Deciding on your mood-board is the most important thing because you want to avoid clashes between each event.

I have categorised my albums as; Engagement, wedding décor, Mehndi decor, Wedding outfit, Mehndi outfit, grooms wear, friends and family.
Over the past two years I’ve attended around 8-10 wedding exhibitions, all for marketing, blogging and events planning purposes, but now as a bride I’m gutted I never looked into an exhibition with ‘bride eyes’. Now I’m going through all my images and videos trying to look for ideas! Good think Asian Bride Live London is around the corner (more Info click on link).
For the mehndi there is a few themes that are coming back from the 90s which is perfect as this reflects my two big sister’s weddings, where there was a floral Haldi/Mehndi look and the evening colour pallet of blues and purples.

I know this is so traditional but red seems to be rocking the runway. During my visit to Birmingham in March for the Asian Bride Live 2015 exhibition, I noticed a lot of traditional colours. I love this and I cannot imagine myself wearing any other colour than red for my big day as it reflects tradition and history perfectly.

Photo 23-06-2015 20 15 11 Photo 23-06-2015 20 15 49 Photo 23-06-2015 20 17 05 Photo 23-06-2015 20 18 14 Photo 23-06-2015 20 19 48 Photo 23-06-2015 20 20 30 Photo 23-06-2015 20 20 44 Photo 23-06-2015 20 22 56 Photo 23-06-2015 20 23 15


Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤

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