Beauty post: HD brows 

Hey blogbees!

Heads up I’m super busy right now recovering from engagement shenanigans! But I wanted to-do a quick post on the perfect brows!

Don’t judge I’m going to show you my brows throwback from back in the day….. 

So yes……. That was me 🙈

Took me like 6 months to grow my brows out and about a year to get them the way I wanted.

Here are a few steps

  1. Find the perfect eyebrow beautician that understands and works around your shape
  2. Tint a colour that suits your skin-tone
  3. Find the perfect eyebrow kit
  4. Highlight and conceal
  5. Smile and take a selfie in good lighting

  1. I’ve been going to my beauticians 2 U Beauty since I was 16! I’m going to scare you…. A team of about 10….I think no one bar the owner is qualified but HEY it’s cheap local and it’s walk in appointments (works perfect around my busy schedule).ff8086db108e4b340c2bef72bad56025
  2. After getting my brows threaded I tint using RefectoCil eye lash and eye brow tint, used in salons. Elure do a high street version which is rubbish compared to this stuff.

11908m_l3. I feel like using a black power on my brows are too bold so I use a dark brown tone instead. I love the brow kit from body shop! So pigmented and lasts the whole day!

  1. Highlight and conceal the surrounding so you’re brows pop more!

  2. Then smile for the camera 😅

Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤

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