#100DaysOfAScottishAsianBride [Day 1]

DAY 1: Becoming a bride-to-be

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Do you remember being young and your mum dragging you too all these weddings, events and gatherings and you not understanding why? 25 years of age and it’s only now that I realise how much I appreciate my culture and family traditions.

Since deciding it’s finally time to become a wife, I’ve been an emotional wreck. Being someone’s Mrs., moving out, leaving my family and knowing I will no longer be my dad’s responsibility. But instead I’ll be ensuring my Mr. is cared for, helping to look after strangers and love his family the same way I do mine.
Photo 23-06-2015 19 38 42Being number five of six sisters you can understand the anxiety. I’ve always preferred my own company, been socially awkward, grumpy and always faded into the background. I’m not the typical Asian girl who knows how to cook, do daughter duties and is fluent in her native tong.
The thought of being a Mrs means changing my definition for what ‘home’ is. And to be totally honest, this all scares the daylight out of me! As a bride-to-be, often my thoughts are to RUN NOW!

But run I haven’t, and you can follow my journey as a Scottish Asian bride. Here I’ll talk about the steps and the organisation involved in creating a perfect day. I hope to talk about my experience in the wedding planning industry in Scotland and how Asian weddings play such a huge part of our Bangladeshi culture. We grow up dreaming about our Big Days and I hope to inspire and educate others just like myself on how to be the ‘perfect bride’.

Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤

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