Beauty post: Dark circles 

Wanna know a secret? I used red lipstick under my eyes today 💄apologies🚫brows are under construction until the bridal shower

So today I went along to a #EdinburghbloggersMeetup at Soderberg.

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I’m not big on branded makeup I prefer using my money wisely on high street products (unless it’s a gift of course) worst timing to run out of makeup! I’ve had a friends birthday event and a culture festival this weekend! I’ve ran out of colour corrector! And I’ve been to Boots in North bridge, Boots the St James, Boots in the Fort, Superdrug Morningside and Superdrug Tolcross! No local high street brands do under eye colour correcter!? I’ve heard South Asian skin beauty bloggers using red lipstick…. So I risked it and tried it. And guess what it worked a treat!

Three products you need

  1. Red lipstick
  2. Concealer that matches your skin
  3. Good coverage concealer/highlighter

 Stage 1:

I used my foundation as normal and matt powdered after. Make sure the red lipstick is NOT Matt and NOT gloss based. I applied little dashes of red lipstick from No7 under my eye. I used a damp makeup sponge to smooth it out.

Stage 2:

With the other side of the damp sponge I then used No7 instant radiance concealer to cover up as much red as possible.

Stage 3:

Using my all time favourite concealer the eraser eye to smooth out and complete the whole look. I love this product from Maybelline! It has an amazing coverage! I use the lightest shade which is ALWAYS out of stock! Psssssss try Asda! 😉

I think this red lipstick trick conceals my dark circles more than the sleek colour corecror I usually use. It’s just more time consuming and more scary between the stages but perfect finish!

Photo 30-08-2015 20 48 46

Next time you have more time to get ready I would recommend trying it!

Products I used 

Maybelline the Eraser eye Colour Light, No7 Radiant Glow Colour 20,No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick Colour Cherry 80 and Cosmetic sponge

(Please note this look will look different on different skin tones, not recommended for sensitive/light skin.)

Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤

One thought on “Beauty post: Dark circles 

  1. Interesting idea! Since I’m so pale I might consider using a pink colored lipstick (or even a coral) and see if that has any effect!

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