Beauty post: Remington pearl 

Hey lovelies! I had a very exciting bank holiday Monday with my family! See how I created big natural waves on my hair!

So Sunday I had a choice of going to the gym and doing an intense work out or……….. hovering, mopping, cleaning and mirroring cleaning (arm work out) the whole house! So I decided to become Cinderella and tidy the house by myself thank you to my sisters for helping NOT :P!     I left argan oil from Morocco in my hair all day whilst being Cinderella. Which smells so bad but so good for your hair! I washed my hair the day before so the natural hair oils give me extra grip!

I used my Remington pearl pro 32mm! I got this during the Christmas sale in 2013 and only really started using it recently!

I can’t stress you ladies enough! Please use a heat protector on your hair! So worth it! Yeah it might weigh you’re hair down but long term worth avoiding heat damage!     I divided my hair up in 3 sections; bottom layer, middle and front. After each curl used my hairspray. Bottom layer I back combed to the fullest, middle slightly and front after each curl I lightly teased my hair.   Here is the results!    What curling tricks do you have?

Dream to Inspire

Sultana ❤

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