The Botanics Late: Indigenous

10257121_779179332092412_8830890430045446119_oHey lovely Readers!

The Edinburgh International Science Festival 2014 is currently taking place in Edinburgh, Scotland. The EISF is one of the 28 annual festivals that take place throughout the year in the Scottish Capital.

Yesterday evening I attended one of the interactive events at the Royal Botanic Gardens. The Botanics Late: Indigenous was held at the John Hope Gateway on the 17th April 2014 from 7:30pm till 10pm. This exclusive evening was to celebrate the connection between culture and nature. The evening included Live muisc, Exhibitions, hands on making sessions, a licensed bar, and the chance to visit the Garden’s contemporary art gallery Inverleith House.

Even as a born and bred Edinburgh girl I love visiting tourist attractions. I love exploring the history and heritage of Edinburgh, Scotland. The Royal Botanic Garden is one of my top 5 locations in Edinburgh. RBG was founded in the 17th century which is now extended to four gardens which promotes plant collection, plant science and education.

20140418-141138.jpgThe Botanics Late: Indigenous was great fun! I love visiting venues that play live music! The John Hope Gateway was split up into sections from live tree drawings, analysing drawings and face painting. We got the opportunity to speak to artists and got pointers on their drawing techniques.


20140418-141105.jpgEdinburgh International Science Festival 2011
I have previously done work experience for the Edinburgh International Science festival in 2011 as a audience Development and Customer Research Volunteer. My role was to encourage and advice members of the public to attend programs within the EISF. This was an exciting and new experience as I have never been involved with a Hallmark Event. I gained a lot of experience by working and developing myself as an individual within the Events industry.

As a volunteer I got the opportunity to visit a number of EISF venue spaces.bangtheory_slide One of the events I was helping at was ‘Bang goes the Theory Live’ BBC show at the Edinburgh Assembly Hall. Such a fun opportunity! I even got to watch the show with the audience and got to meet the cast members.


O20140418-141123.jpgverall I truly believe The Edinburgh International Science Festival is an asset to Edinburgh. Always educational and always has events for all different ages.




Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤20140418-141203.jpg

Sultana ❤






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