‘I say goodbye to the person I used to be but hello to the person I’m going to be’ Goodbye world, Hello – Kobi Onyame

1375098_850048258355427_441827344_nI attended a live music event last Sunday, showing my support to the local talent in Scotland.

This was Kobi Onyame’s first headlined gig in Edinburgh! The locals showed support at the venue space in Sneaky Pete’s, located in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland.

The young and upcoming talented musician really connected with his audience and ensured everyone at the venue was having a great time. Kobi Onyame delivered a great performance and showed inspiration to those in the audience. His energy was fuelled by those watching.

According to an attendee, Jordan Young “I feel so inspired by his music and the lyrics, very motivational ”. I got the amazing opportunity to have a brief chat with the Ghanaian/UK-based hip hop artist. He told me he was excited to perform in Edinburgh, the audience always show their support wherever he goes. He thanked the revellers for attending and invited everyone back to Lulu’s Edinburgh to continue the fun and celebrate his success with everyone.

The new Album Glory available on ITunes and

20140503-174344.jpgThe opening act was Unoma who is a Glasgow based Singer. This soulful musician was the perfect performer to start the show! Unoma is defiantly one to watch out for!

The band that played with Kobi were great! Very talented team of individuals from the drums, guitarist, pianists and DJ! All complimented one another!

Kobi Onyame and band are managed by Edinburgh’s no1 Urban Dj. My good friend Ben J Kaelin – also known as DJ20140503-174327.jpg Prospect – has been managing Kobi for many years now and has promoted Kobi’s increase in success. Only at the age of 24 DJ Prospect is a successful business personality in Scotland. He runs Edinburgh’s busiest R&B club night, Tipsy and is the owner of The Vapour Lounge. I had the opportunity to interview Ben.

Kobi had mentioned you have been managing him for 6 years now. Can you tell me more?

Me and Kobi have been a team for around 6 years now. Together we do everything on/off stage and whether its pushing tunes for playlists, booking shows, arranging campaigns, Marketing etc.

Why did you decide you wanted to manage him and what made him stand out?

I could really relate to the music Kobi produces. With my experience within the music Industry I saw something unique in Kobi that I have not been seen in the UK. He has a strong work ethic, great stage presence and is very charismatic.

How did you originally discover Kobi?

I was actually pulled in to cover as a DJ for him at a Wiley support gig back in 2008 at the Bongo Club and from then on I really wanted to be part of the team

What kind of response has Kobi been getting from the public and his fans?

The music has been consistently doing extremely well over the past few years & the fan base continuously growing. The last Album Green Grasses was on Radio 1 Introducing Playlist, 1Xtra Best Of British, MTV Brand New Unsigned winner, SBTV One to Watch. The Live shows are the most impressive & where he gets a lot of new fans

What’s in hold for Kobi’s future?

With the recent release of “Glory”. The lead single “Went Too Far” is currently playlisted on BBC 1Xtra Playlist. We’re going on tour over the summer covering Scotland right down through Manchester, Birmingham , Nottingham, Bristol, London & NXNE in Toronto in June along with some Summer Festivals. We have a few surprises for our fans so keep your eyes pealed!

20140503-174332.jpgKobi Onyame is definitely one to watch! I did my research on the UK Based musician and found Kobi has performed at the largest music and preforming arts festival in the world – The Glastonbury Festival 2009

Read more about Kobi on an exclusive interview by RedBull 

Kobi Onyame:
Twitter: @Kobionyame
Instagram: @Kobionyame


DJ Prospect:

Dream To Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana Malik ❤





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