Edinburgh Metropolitan Fashion Show- Designers Talent 2014

Wooooooow!!! What an amazing evening that was!! I was one of the main organisers along side Farah, Tayo and Eshiva that put together the Edinburgh Metropolitan Fashion Show – Designers Talent 2014.75089_620864697984629_1852060531_n

The night was a successful event! As an events coordinator it ticked all the boxes; it ran according to the running order, we didn’t have timely long breaks but enough breaks for refreshments, there was an amazing atmosphere from a hall full of attendees and we received a lot of positive feedback pre event.

Designers Talent 2014

The competition was judged by Colin Gilchrist – Marketing lead of 20140203-225556.jpgSocial Tailor and Scot Fashion Blog creator, Lynne McCrossan Style columnist for The Edinburgh Evening news and fashion Editor for Scotland Re:Designed and Ruth Walker an Editor and columnist for the Scotland Sunday Lifestyle.

Drum roll please………The designer that won the title of ‘Edinburgh Metropolitan Fashion Show- Designers talent 2014’  was Christine Watson !!

I asked Christine how she felt, I have done a few fashion events and have to admit that this event has been the best20140203-225610.jpg so far. To me it was about showcasing my work, never expected to win. Would have been a had decision for the Judges to make because the rest of the designers, have made amazing collections. Never less I am grateful for EMFS for inviting me to showcase my collection, at a wonderful event. EMFS have such an amazing team!! You are all winners;)

All five designers were incredible! All very unique and target a different target market.

Designer 1: Rachel Mcmillan 20140203-151746.jpg

Designer2: Nicci.N

Designer 3: Carolyn Edmondson

Designer 4: Christian Watson

Designer 5: Darren Ruddy

Dirty Martini

The venue at Le monde is so beautiful! One of my favourite venues I’ve worked in for Events. The setup of the event space upstairs called Dirty Martini gives you an instant luxuries feel. The beautiful stage area with a high glossed piano set up, Royal Navy velvet antique chairs and the golden antique ceiling and hall pilots all compliment the venue space.

Pre Event

To kick start the day not only did the Facebook event page say we had over 150 people attending, the Edinburgh Metropolitan Fashion Show was mentioned on STV. From the event organisers, designers, hair and makeup artists, models and photographers we were ecstatic to hear this wonderful achievement. http://edinburgh.stv.tv/articles/262110-edinburgh-metropolitan-fashion-show-designer-competition-at-le-monde/

Our VIP guestlist had a fashion editor from Skinny Magazine, a photographer from Salt and Vinegar magazine and fashion Bloggers attending our fashion show. Our social networking links #EMFS2014 was buzzing for the event.

Fashion show

20140203-151711.jpgOn arrival guests were given goodies bags, which had a number of promotional leaflets, money off vouchers and sweet treats. The gorgeous host Eshiva worked her magic on the audience by entertaining and ensuring attendees were communicated on the schedule for the evening. Eshivas outfit thoroughly complimented the glamorous evening.

The models worked very professionally behind stage and on the catwalk. Strut there stuff like they own the place which made the audiences draw themselves to the outfits.

1620815_620226211381811_2059184042_nWe had Make up Artist- Alexis Aitchison, Leigh Donaldson, Jadelouise Munson and Emma Lee Coull and Hair-stylist: Danni Fairgrieve. The EMFS decided prior to the event we wanted the models hair to be slick back into a low1780660_620225821381850_570408316_n pony. Makeup to be edgey with a lot of sharpness with contouring and berry lips. The hair and makeup artist worked perfectly to the brief that we required.

If you can walk you can dance

20140203-151536.jpgWe had a twist to the evening by a performance from a local Edinburgh Salsa dancing group. Farah the cofounder of EMFS was part of this fantastic dance routine, she has only been learning how to salsa for a few months and has already progressed to be teaching salsa!! We 20140203-151528.jpgthen saw Alex and Lauren the founders of ‘If you can walk you can dance’ perform a strictly come dancing style salsa routine. It was great to see the audience entertained by their performances.

Post event

First time for everything !! The event ran so smoothly that we finished earlier than what was expected! This was proof how organised and well planned the team were. We ensured everyone front of house, backstage and helpers were thoroughly briefed on the event. This helped the team be on the same page and promoted a smooth walk through of the fashion show. After the show, we invited our attendees for a free taster on salsa dance at El barrio.

Feedback #EMFS2014

We had great feedback via our twitter followers- from our judges, designers and bloggers.

@DarrenRuddy ‘@EdinburghMFS had such an amazing time. Thanks for the experience and showcasing my dresses!! 🙂 more to come hopefully in the future’

@BellaAAdora ‘thanks for letting us do hair and makeup for the event! Models were gorgeous. Clothes were fantastic!’

@ruth_lesley ‘Finished off the @EdinburghMFS with a cheeky wee salsa master class #noordinaryfashionshow’

@AgitaV ‘Looks like its going to be a fun show #emfs2014 #fblogger’

Team Behind Edinburgh Metropolitan Fashion Show

Blackdiamondz Pro,Farah Faz, Eshiva Wright, Sultana Malik

Photographer Kaz Strathemore Strathemore Photography, Toyan Oremule, Col Walder Col Walder Photography, Rab Stout
Make up Artist- Alexis Aitchison, Leigh Donaldson, Jadelouise Munson and Emma Lee Coull
Hair-stylist: Danni Fairgrieve
Backstage: Kifahh Cares Al-Zadjaly, Paulina Czuber, Nicole Pickering, Alice Cruickshank, Courtney Smith
Designers: Rachel Mcmillan, Christine Watson, Darren Ruddy, Carolyn Edmondson and Nicola A Gardner
Models: Sadaf Ashraf Klinta Tjapušina, Rebecca Baillie, Zoe A Gilchrist, Laura Baird, Mol Cuddigan Susanne Sinclair Claire Pentony






More Images can be found on the Edinburgh Metropolitan Fashion Show Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Edinburgh-Metropolitan-Fashion/465594960178271

Such a fab event and great opportunity to be associated with Edinburgh Metropolitan Fashion Show! The team have a unique dynamic in working together as we all have our qualities in different sections of event planning. We hope to put on more shows in Edinburgh.

Personal Feedback

1075665_620237181380714_1056171102_nTayo the cofounder for EMFS says ‘Sultana I am particularly impressed with you and you’re work ethic! You are definitely involved in my next project ‘ This was a confidence boost as Tayo has been in the business industry for many years now.

Kirstie Fordyce – ‘Congratulations to my bestie Sultana Malik and her colleagues on an amazing fashion show tonight! You are definitely born to be an events manager! Xx’. It was great hearing feedback from Kirstie as she studies Events management

Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤

10 thoughts on “Edinburgh Metropolitan Fashion Show- Designers Talent 2014

  1. As a fashion photographer living in London, But from Edinburgh. Alway’s good to keep up with fashion show’s happening in Edinburgh. Can’t wait to work with you at some point this year 🙂

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