Happy Christmas Eve to my beautiful readers☺️

Went to this vintage themed tea house cafe for breakfast today. Mimi’s Bakehouse is located at the heart of Leith by the shore in Edinburgh. The theme of the cafe compliments Edinburgh’s rich heritage background.

The decor inside the cafe is very chic, vintage and 50s preppy- reminds me a lot of my own personal style. The food was delicious and the hot drinks were presented well in a traditional tea pot.
One of my favourite Fashion decades is in the 1950s. The 1950s represents a classy yet sexy decade which are still been seen as style inspirations, such style and beauty icon are Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Tailor.

The Era was represented well at an event I attended earlier this year to support my friend Katie Henderson (Second Year Events Management student at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh).

The Vintique Event team had a fundraising charity event for CHAS (children’s hospice association Scotland) at The Edinburgh Corn Exchange on the 29th March 2013. The fundraising event was presented very professionally and ensured attendees felt they had stepped into the 1950s.
The £20 per ticket included entry, mocktail/cocktail, finger foods and entertainment. I was thoroughly impressed by the personalised centre pieces, the entertainment by a local Scottish band called Radio Pachuco and 4 vintage stalls (which included my favourite retro boutiques Sister Vintage).

I am extremely proud of Katie as in the previous year she helped with my 2nd year Student Event Olymphusion

Dream to Inspire ❤

Sultana ❤
(Theses photos where taken at Vintique in The Corn Exchange Edinburgh 29.03.13)

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