Breast pad review: for new mummy’s

Hey blogbees!!!

First review with Mama Miah Diaries

Whilst I prepare my boys feed I decided to write this quick review!

I’ve tried three different types of breast pads and I can’t believe how finding the right breast pads can make such a difference in your day-to-day comfort.

Boots Ultra Slim Breast Pads

Whilst packing for my hospital bag I saw boots had a 3 for 2 offer, which is when I grabbed the boots own pads. They are small in packaging and are not over sized so won’t show through your bra. The material used for the pads are really uncomfortable. So after expressing or feeding my boy and using this material against such a sensitive area became sore! I hated this material! I’d rather use a folded tissue!

2/5 Wouldn’t recommend £3.09

Lansinoh Disposable Breast Pads

My bestie Ash came to visit me before baby arrived and got me a bag of goodies! As a mummy of two she gave me stuff she’d recommend and one was the lansinoh nursing pads. I knew I recognised the brand! I got a free lansinoh nipple cream with my Emma’s diary pack so after research I knew Lansinoh was a high end brand for maternity. (Recommend new mums-to-bes to sign up to Emma’s diary especially for the free packs link here: )

This breast pad is super absorbent and are discreet. The material of the pads are comforting also, so doesn’t rub again the sensitive nipple area.

4/5 recommend – more expensive than majority of the other brands £5.25

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Disposable Breast Pads

My sister bought me the electric tommee tippee breast pump as a gift. I got a pack of there own breast pads as part of the box.

Like the boots own brand ones, small and thin but tissue used is super uncomfortable!

2/5 not recommended,default,pd.html £3.00

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2 thoughts on “Breast pad review: for new mummy’s

  1. Not the tommee tippee ones they dont last very well or feel nice. I had a horrible reaction to the tommee tippee breast pads Lansinoh are really good and soft to the touch.

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