1 Year anniversary at Aberfeldy, Scotland

Hey Blogbees,

So as my pal decided to get married and have her mehndi on the same week as my wedding anniversary so I had to cancel our city break to Rome 😦 or wouldn’t make it to the mehndi waaaaah 😦

As Scotland is my favourite place in the whole wide world my husband decided to do a few days up north!

We got this cute little apartment in Aberfeldy, Scotland! Out-looking the Scottish Highlands!

Most of my pictures and videos were on my DSLR but my camera decided to have an error message and not save these beautiful pictures and videos! BOO!

I was pretty exhausted during this trip as we drove from Luton to Scotland (6/8 hours) and was recovering from being #Superbhabi from Ramadan, Rosie Posies Nikkah and my cousins wedding.

Here’s our favourite pictures 🙂 (I was a little unwell during this trip so I wasn’t as active as I usually am during city breaks)

Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤


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