Outfit Post: Traffic Orange


img_3071Hello Blogbees!

Sorry about the delayed post on outfit deets! Been a little busy at the moment with life, and Who just got promoted into a social media role within my current employers! Exciting times!

My good friend Amber got married in August! She wanted her bridesmaids to wear orange (I tried my best to get out of it lol) the outfit I had designed for her mehndi went a bit pear shaped due to the supplier delay, so had to find a last minute outfit between my cousins wedding shenanigans.

I found this beautiful burnt/deep orange shade dress with a long A-line skirt from a stall in South Hall, London (sorry no shop details – south hall market??).

It needed a little bit of work done, as it was too big in size and length for me 😦

On the day of the mehndi I had a pure MARE! the night before I somehow burn my facial skin with the hair removal cream I use ( I left it on a few minutes to long) then my mums sawing machine broke (THANKS HASSY)! so I had this huge outfit thats not been tailored! Mum and my big sister managed to find a last minute lady willing to quickly fix it.

Luckily everything feel together in the end! To the point me and Ash were the first people from the bridal party at the hall! 10 points to us ! 😀

Enough spraffin hen! Here is my look 🙂

Dream to Inspire ❤

Sultana ❤



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