#100daysofascottishasianbride – reflect Friday

Happy Friday! Reflection Friday!

I had a strange dream last night about live events from my past. It was a reminder of who I use to be and my growth. I don’t really talk about my feelings but I’m feeling pretty blessed this morning. Hope you guys are enjoying my #100daysofascottishasianbride I started my blog to inspire my readers #dreamtoinspire on being a Scottish Asian Events graduate interested in the wonderful world of fashion and beauty. Then moved onto becoming a wedding blogger. I love inspiring and posting wedding related articles / photos! I am feeling super blessed as my work even reached @bbcasiannetwork during the 2015 Edinburgh fringe festival, started my #100daysofascottishasianbride at the very own @asianbrideme live blog and now advanced to writing in a publication in the #scottishasianweddingandlifestylemagazine. Weird thing of all this is I have slight dyslexia and have some major grammar issues! I write, post and vblog for me not to gain followers/ fans and tell everyone about my life but for me, as a diary. To look back on days where I’m feeling insecure my blog empowers me of my growth as a person. Being a sibling of 6 very strong independent career driven women all my strength is thanks to my sisters. I miss talking and seeing them regularly. I miss hearing what the kids have been up too, I miss hearing work drama, I miss my sisters disagreeing on current issues, I miss arguing with them, and miss them winding me up. I miss feeling like the middle child. 

Life moves on fast but it’s all about growth, change is good but don’t forget roots and family. That’s my strength.
Can you believe I’m only on day 21 of my #100daysofascottishasianbride ! Hopefully get the weeks scheduled in so I can finally finish the 100 key dates of a Scottish Asian bride 💕 ps random long post! Apologies! 

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