#100DaysofaScottishAsianBride [lookbook] Mehndi (Hens)

31.07.16 – Mehndi. 

Mehndi second outfit

During the second half of the mehndi my bridesmaid and sisters changed into an outfits from @memsaabluton

As my bridesmaids were dancing and running around a lot I felt an outfit change was needed! (We did the same thing during my sisters wedding 10 years ago). The dresses moved so elegantly whilst the girls were dancing. Most of the girls had the trousers at Capri length which showed their anklets I gifted my sisters, bridesmaids and hens. 

The outfits are reasonability priced and they come with 8 different colours! So I had all the girls in a mix and match. 

The pictures all looked fantastic together! 


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