LIBRA is my favourite star sign..! Guess why its ma buuuuurfday! not only my birthday but all favourites birthday!

Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian on The Fall 2012 Runway of Mary Katrantzou

I’m pretty obsessed with Kim kardashian and her Husband! Kanye West! I think everyone should have a Mr West attitude! Such a Yummy man! Nom…Anyways…. Kim is literally a beauty and style icon…She Knows what to wear that suits her hourglass figure. yes yes yes famous for being famous bla bla but to be honest like a product the Kardashian use there looks and image as a marketing tool. So I believe Kim is a business entrepreneur that knows that the world is obsessed with a ‘pretty picture’ and the ‘perfect lifestyle’. And because of this she gets all these endorsement deals and sponsorships. Guys lust over and females want to be her….Which is fair enough has made her millions so you go girl 😉

 Carli Bybel

During the time Kim Kardashian went to the fall 2012 runway event and her hair was in a slick back high bun.I wanted to learn how to pin your hair up the same way which is where I fell into the hands of Carli Byel. This beautiful humble woman was totally memorising! The way she started her Youtube videos, to the way she spoke on camera and what’s better her step by step tutorial on how to-do hair styles and makeup! This is where I learnt to do my hair for the Scottish Event Awards .20140304-145506.jpg

Cause of Carli Bybel I started to experiment with makeup and learnt step by step. I learnt applying eye shadow is like art and drawing a painting. Its all about the layers and colours you use to create a dramatic look.


Huda Beauty

A few years ago I was like the average girl that knows how to apply basic make up and style the hair. My big sisters are very much tradition with my Scottish Asian Bangladeshi background, they always love dressing up in Asian garments and networking at Asian events. As you might tell Asian makeup style is very dramatic big and bold. I love how naturally gifted my sisters are at applying makeup.


I religiously read and watch Carly Bybel’s Blog posts, and Huda Beauty came up as a suggestion. This gorgeous Middle Eastern woman has encouraged my obsession for big beautiful lips! Huda really focuses on Asian/Arabian makeup looks! Like my big sisters applied makeup so professionally!


Celebrating birthdays is literally my favourite thing in the whole wide world. Not just my birthday but the people in my life! Been like that since a young age!

A birthday is celebration of the day ‘you’ were born. So celebrating friends and family’s birthday is more exciting for me as I’m celebrating them being in my life….Yes I know I’m pretty deep.

I’m blessed to have a number of celebrations here is a blog of all my activities and my Lookbooks 🙂

1: Edinburgh Family Dinner

The day before going to London, my sisters Shareen, Husna and Hassy took me out for dinner to my favourite Indian restaurant – Kababish. Click Here for my check-in details.

I wanted my little cheeky monkeys with me, so my beautiful niece Tanya, Sameer and Riaz join us. Wee Armaan wasn’t well 😦 so granny looked after him.

10262147_10203309768205589_6836712613315991750_n 63961_10203309770605649_7053513761031499236_n 11377_10203309771245665_1698837357357464411_n 10373496_10203309773845730_2048750937859387780_n 10410648_10203309774245740_5257856001878274324_n 1463670_10203309771805679_1516552553809224258_n 10653759_10203309774885756_5168878536867699198_n


This outfit I bought during the summer to wear at the EdinburghBlogg gathering, on sale for only £7! From Misguided! The dress was a lovely lilac skorts dress with ¾ length sleeve which makes my look classy and elegant. To dress the look up I wore with this beautiful stone coloured neckless I got on holiday in Marrakech. I had this beautiful beaded dark purple clutch bag, I bought a few years ago. I had my hair naturally curly 😀 big and bouncy Beyonce hurrr! 😉 I dressed my face by wearing a bindi – East meets west 😉

10731051_10203309769685626_7236001242877793549_n 10427305_10203309766685551_6328811489799016197_n 10698445_10203309775125762_5103662766818064860_n 1554506_10203309767485571_2996536876927785706_n 247140_10203309767285566_1277886058097002511_n
Dress: Misguided £7
Footless tights: Boots £6
Heals: Primark £19.99
Clutch: Newlook £20

2: Celebrations in London

The day after dinner our flights to London was at 6am on Sunday morning! So check in for 4:30 am!! I literally had an hour sleep as I didn’t have a day off to pack for my trip to the Asian bride exhibition. We stayed at the Hilton London Metropole! So beautiful and huge! Like a museum! Had like 4 restaurants and a chocolate lounge!

10553434_10203309797286316_9170686788423426153_n 10424322_10203309797006309_5592138060928048090_n 10169343_10203309795166263_8763547719408274002_n 10348361_10203309795686276_8836446634667760889_n  1463209_10203309794886256_703700376961693315_n

Me and my sister had planned to go for a nice birthday dinner in London after coming back to the hotel after the Asian Bride Exhibition. 64337_10203309799246365_2763082862552900139_n

We decided to go for a power nap as we were going to crash at any moment…we ended up wakeup at 12:30am!

Which birthday princess got a beautiful Lulu Guinness bag, my favourite red velvet cupcakes and being an organised freak and retro Filofax.


We ended up going for late night casual dinner and sheesha in Edgware Road! Read my not very positive review from Valention Here.

3: Breakfast at Patisserie Valerie

We checked out the hotel and went straight to breakfast, we were going to go to the hotel chocolate lounge but once you entered there wasn’t a huge selection of things to eat (not like my favourite place Harvey Nichols chocolate lounge).1505451_10203309810966658_9122447169691283891_n

So we ended up going for a big breakfast at the local Patisserie Valerie. I even got another birthday surprise a slick of yummy cake 🙂 Check out my Review from Patisserie Valerie Here.


I loved my wee playsuit I wore. I bought it during my Best friend Amber’s 20th birthday 3 years ago. The textiles print is stunning!! I love the floral geisha feel to it!

250216_10203309800446395_2265725498110149470_n 10711048_10203309801326417_5219690716251933118_n 8971_10203309819526872_2619927677868541285_n
Playsuit: River Island £25
Blazer: H&M £29.99
Tights: Primark £4
Chelsea Boots: Newlook £29.99
Mini Satchel bag: Accessorize £40

4: Luton Family dinner

After breakfast we left London to go to Luton to spend time with the beautiful princess baby Ariana :).

My twinnie Shamy has her own business SBS Creations in cake making, fruit carving and flower arrangements. She surprised me with a bunch of cupcakes with logo’s that represent me :). Shamy even made us a yummy lunch of chicken Biryani (Might of noticed Biryani is my favourite type of dish)

10689757_10203309813366718_2897276974481467066_n 10408074_10203309813526722_8135953100449958069_n

I had arranged to go for birthday dinner with my sisters in Luton Shamy, Yasmin and Hassy. We left wee baby with her dad 😛 but I’m glad twinnie gave me her full attention. Yasmin surprised me with balloons and more present! 🙂 🙂 10653448_10203309815926782_5192226344466049550_n 1800456_10203309816566798_7483157272280715706_n 10426896_10203309815246765_1699138750191107035_n 10451751_10203309814286741_5768892384514444385_n 10689557_10203309815646775_6209910798994421597_n 10610494_10203309814006734_5248639482358458662_n

Dinner was Amaaaazing! Best grilled food I’ve ever had! And I eat out a lot! The warm fresh bread was great!

10369873_10203309818566848_459994547801445290_n Outfit

Me = Bargain hunter! Found this cute burgundy midi dress from Misguided for £8!

11362_10203309818806854_5469181256599482453_n 1507897_10203309819206864_2522910589082058454_n 10387675_10203309813686726_1234463117858265538_n

Dress: Misguided £8
Lace Cardy: Ebay £10
Heals: Asos £50
Bag: Lulu Guinness £245

5:Harry potter

The best bit from my birthday celebrations was going to Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio!! It even has its own blog post!


I’m not sure you if you’re clicked on…but I love the Kardashians! This look was inspired by the cute petite Dash sister! Kourney Kardashian! imagesCAYNJEL9


Like Carly Bybel Fall- Autumn is my favourite time of the year (Even got a ‘favourite’ from my style Icon when I tweeter her )

I love this lip stick colour screams bite me vampire! Inspire by Carli Bybel and Navvy Sandhu (A MAC Consultant)

10665091_1559552770945522_9148038420801361701_n 10348360_1559552824278850_1574600983867028180_n

Blouse: H&M sale £7
Skirt: H&M £14.99
Boots: Newlook £29.99
Bag: Accessorize £40
Lipstick: Mac – Sin £14.99

6: Las Iguanas

Been meaning to try out this new restaurant in Edinburgh called Las Iguanas. So me and Jordan (Beyonce) went along for dinner and catch up. – Read my review here.

10440091_10203309825047010_3767191892226335593_n 10290611_10203309826247040_980823464219253453_n 10404169_10203309827727077_243256976224240999_n 10408857_10203309827087061_8396862551060483835_n 10690160_10203309829327117_4716052091612104051_n


I wore this pretty cami dress from Miss Selfridge 🙂

Dress: Miss Selfridge
Leggings: Asos £14.99
Heals: Asos £50

7: Mean girls

I Went for birthday celebrations with my two favourite girls, Hassy and Jess. I get it I’m 25 and my lifestyle has changed but being the oldest from the two I felt I needed to show them that having a social life and letting your hair down doesn’t stop when you turn 25! Lol

Find my check-ins on my page on Zomato Here.

I loved the cute wee outfits we all had on. The dress I ended up wearing fitted like a glove, not being such a gym junkie as I use to be so I was pretty please how the dress sat!



Berry lips for the October Fall 2014! I kept my hair big and wavey, I used heated rollers for volume then my curling wand.

1620529_10203309849687626_1480720854950139363_n 13073_10203309851887681_5343548558600153225_n

Dress: Asos £50
Shoes: Asos £50
Bag: Lulu Guinness £245
Hassy likes to wear white on my birthday. Its literally its her thing….I loved her lace white crop! Jess always finds the most unqiue outfits and puts it together. I loved the Skirt and the awesome ‘fairytale book clutch!

10434313_10203309851207664_3272819463684521217_n 10646625_10203309850847655_6984157084043600267_n

8: Afternoon tea

Last part of my birthday celebrations was with my best friend for 5 years now, Amber a fellow events management budy. I’ve been dying to go for afternoon Tea for nearly forever! So had a look for afternoon tea places on Zomato and found this cute wee place next to my work place. Read my review from the Palm court Balomaral Here.

10646966_10203309831647175_1844545420996248977_n 10686896_10203309832007184_1385398361623040919_n 10671281_10203309849167613_4078338862863906559_n  1506740_10203309847487571_1024874727924034754_n 10686767_10203309833167213_4104742087910500118_n 10441046_10203309844887506_1257538266970235419_n 1488026_10203309832767203_4185465604138732884_n


October is pink awareness month!
Top: H&M £12.99
Leggings: H&M £15.99
Bag: Matalan £15
Boots: Newlook £24.99

1619179_10203309848407594_3607601822577789708_n 10624778_10203309848807604_1555498626526646482_n 10689823_10203309849447620_4605641626222857019_n 10451751_10203309831207164_5691883388635596017_n


This year I asked for money from my elder sisters so I can buy new makeup brushes! Heeeelo Real Techniques!10441046_10203309769965633_121510336324304142_n

Hassy’s present

I got accepted into Hogwarts!! I am the most powerful wizard in the world! I have the elder wand!!Do I not have the best most creative little sister in the entire universe! I was in need for a new purse so Hassy also got me this cute candyfloss coloured Ted baker Purse 😀

1457525_10203309793686226_7378759500515710721_n 1381252_10203309793126212_4290611841411736058_n 1897661_10203309793926232_1017488159590653067_n 10347533_10203309792406194_5473389249809101231_n 10676142_10203309791366168_6020539686933022415_n 10477895_10203309790326142_1940024198980565791_n

Mama & Papa present


I got this beautiful ring from Jordan! I love the design! And the crown! Which represents Queen = Queen Bey = Beyonce 😀 I woke up like this 😉

64353_10203309828767103_7711304645399115531_n 10698405_10203309827967083_2016745441240460322_n

My sweet wee cousin Jess knows I’m obsessed with the Hamsa- Palm de fatima and Evil eye sign since my trip to Marrakech. She got these awesome Midi rings from Asos for me! I got a box full of goodies 🙂

10731038_10203309849967633_1605954816447183678_n 10641217_10203309830407144_4253166330261823873_n

Amber’s present was super cute! I have been the biggest Usher fan for years now since I was 12! My cousin Jess for my 21st bought me tickets to the Usher vs Raymond tickets in 2011. Amber also went with us to the concert.

Usher is visiting us again in March 2015 and what cutie bought me tickets!!! The creative wee events management student even sent me a quirky presentation!


As mentioned in Jackia’s Wedding I’m obsessed with Kylie Jenner’s lips! Found out on a Youtube page Velvet Teddy is the colour she’s used! So I have hunted for this lipstick colour everywhere!! Been to London twice since and both times asked the MAC counter in Edinburgh and Luton! As I work in Town been in a dozen times to the MAC count in Harvey Nichols! Anyways Amber found a sold out Velvet teddy lipstick for me!!

I have also mentioned on my like page on facebook and twitter how I wanted the beaute loubtion! Amber not only got my Usher tickets, sold out fav lipstick colour and also the Beaute loubition! Such a sweetheart! Thanks b!1499510_10203309847767578_4222868133195388601_n

I also got this stunning necklace from Bri’s Boutique from my favourite Arabian Princesses Farah and Kifa! Can’t wait to wear it! And a pretty Swarovski pen for my blogging needs from bestie Nicole Finley.


Overall! I literally had the best birthday ever! So spoilt and felt so much love from my family and friends! Ladies turning 25 isn’t too bad! You start valuing the people in your life than celebrating cause it’s the ‘thing’ todo.

Forever Dreaming to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤



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