Jenners’ Festival celebration party 2014

Hey my little beauties ☺️

I was invited along to a invitation only event on the 17th August at Jenners House of Frazer, Edinburgh. Venue 42 for the Edinburgh International festival.


They had live musical artists playing and singing. It was lovely catching up with fashion marketing intellect Farah from Faz Fashion Diary, Alfredo from 100 Cubanisimo, Gordon J Millar from Scot street style,  Colin Gilchrist from The Social Tailor, Sherry and Claire from Betty&Bee. Who have been quoted to be the top 5 fashion marketing and PR agencies in Scotland! Well done girls!


This event was an exclusive after hours party with drinks and canapés served by Valvona and Crolla. The girls helping with drinks and hosting were staff at HOF. They were lovely!

10615959_10202897493418977_7876151010329614766_n10574409_10202897479298624_5786359096281871805_n 10632585_10202897492578956_4776623023377748353_n

I tried to talk to the person on the doors to ask more about the organising of the event, but unfortunately the personal stylist didn’t seem interested which left me a little puzzled.


Louise’s lovely bag! I need this in my life ❤


the lovely Farah 🙂

10352950_10202897491698934_5194052645925513350_n 10360242_10202897492258948_1067786861978181040_n
10534632_10202897492018942_6213377014000620820_n 10570451_10202897491258923_568510477799887187_n

10609522_10202897478698609_945600339536911107_n 10612636_10202897493178971_11368138656919416_n

I had work at 8am the next working so it was a short event visit! It was lovely catching up with everyone! #werkwerkwerk

Prior to the event I went to the new George bar and grill  with my beautiful friend Amber Akhtar an events management student from Napier University Edinburgh. We had some lovely lunch and tea. I walk past the location all the time and never notice it! Had this yummy salmon and avocado salad! The decor in this place is gorj! Very classy!


Before getting ready for the End of Edinburgh International Festival after party I had a little time to spare so I went along to this local charity fundraiser organised by Anayeth Hussain.

10574251_1529225693957948_851871115945806229_nI love showing support to local events! It promotes community growth! Well done for organising the fundraiser and making so much money!

10583879_10202897494699009_5803520794218541581_n 10599405_10202897494899014_2777221992059639932_n 10626762_10202897495059018_1734348217668128609_n

Outfit of the day 😀
I was in two minds about changing my outfit for the after party. But in fact I saved an outfit by changing bits of my completed look.
For lunch I kept it casual by wearing low boot heals which was pairs with my leather look leggings which I folded at the bottom. By showing abit of ankle it breaks up the black as I wore one of my favourite off shoulder tops!
I’m loving berry at the moment >

To complete my day time look I wore with my new favourite blazer. I bought this amazing textured Jacquard-weave blazer from H&M! Usually £29.99 but with my H&M discount only £22.50!

10632637_10202897495699034_2838337342820978402_n 10645243_10202897495299024_7915457126446436181_n


Blazer: H&M aw/14 £29.99

Off-shoulder top: Motel Rocks aw12/13 £24.99

Leather look leggings: Asos aw/14

Low shoe boots: New Look aw/13 £29.99

In the evening I mixed it up with my favourite Kimmy K open toes and keeping it simple and sexy without a jacket. My beautiful limited edition Michael Kors obviously made an appearance which completed my whole look! I thoroughly backcombed my hair to give it that volumed #bighuuurdontcare look ;). My make up look was as edgy with smokey eyes and nude lips 🙂

10653472_10202897490138895_1410097371792026390_n10615998_10202897494138995_8819493338357787906_n 10622740_10202897494459003_8796984482907418677_n

I love a productive day off! Hope you enjoyed the read!

Dream to inspire ❤ ❤
Sultana ❤

2 thoughts on “Jenners’ Festival celebration party 2014

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  2. The colour berry looks absolutely stunning on you. 3 events in 1 day and you manage to look effortlessly beautiful at them all.
    I really like the way you mixed and matchied pieces to transform your outfits.



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