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No Rest for the Wicked! From the evening before at the Charity Fashion Show then the next day at Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair. Not only did I get invited along to blog the event but I also manage to win a free ticket on Twitter via @edinbloggers. I never win anything!! 20140524-130344-47024113.jpg What a fun day out! I had a friends BBQ after the fair and choose to wear a cute Coral Midi with strappy heals, my hair was still Kardashian wavy from the evening before. I kept my makeup light and simple to reflect how beautiful the weather in Edinburgh was. Please check my Facebook page and Instagram @sultana_malik for my #lookbook from this event. 20140524-130344-47024824.jpg 20140524-130344-47024476.jpg As the pre blog suggests- Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair, was located at the Assembly Rooms. I can’t believe how busy the Edinburgh Assembly Rooms was! There was a queuing system that let 10 people in at a time. This was a good health and safety aspect which was definitely appreciated as a Events Management student (I was responsible for Health & safety during Olymphusion). As we registered we got a warm welcome from Becca and the rest of the front of house team. Becca mentioned, she has been the Manager for Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair for two years now and has ran the Judy’s fair in a number of locations in Scotland. I have been to the Assembly rooms a number of times for Award Ceremony’s, Weddings, parties and during the Harvey Nichols Autumn Winter 2013 Fashion Show. I love this beautiful venue and its classy Victorian feel. 20140524-130343-47023023.jpg Me and Nichole (Fashion Blogger buddy) thought of a plan on how we would network at this event. There was around 30 plus pop up stalls in the hall and alot of shoppers floating around. We came up with the plan of – first time around the hall we would browse and get a feel of the type of boutiques. Second time we speak to the stall owners and ask any questions and third time and the best time round would be for us as shoppers!!! 🙂 20140524-130343-47023741.jpgThe stalls I spoke to: I bought this unique cute tea cup ring from Bunny’s Beads. Bunny has had Bunny’s Beads for 5 years now, I even complimented how neat and tidy her stall was. Vulture Culture – amazing vintage jewellery and broach’s! as the biggest broach collector, I loved this pop up stall! To our delightful surprise the vintage shirt Nicole was wearing was sold buy the lady we were speaking to! Va Va Vintage -sells all sorts of antique home-ware and jewellery. Amber the beautiful owner of Va Va Vintage has been selling antiques for 6 years now and buys her goods from auctions. Button Button @buttonbyhannah- is a unique custom made vintage design accessory stall. Sweets as Bag Designs by Shekinah – has been making custom made bags and clutches for two years now. These exclusive bags are currently told in Ladys Joe Joes and Studio 13 in Edinburgh. 20140524-130347-47027747.jpg20140524-130345-47025920.jpg 20140524-130345-47025552.jpg20140524-130347-47027392.jpg Vintage Remix by Alison George had these amazingly unique handmade business cards, which was made from old music scripts. As I got talking to Alison she had mentioned she will be part of this market in Waverly station, Edinburgh. Localmotive Markets is located on platform 2, every Friday from the 6th of June “We’ll have between 30 and 50 exhibitors and traders every week selling Scottish products including arts, crafts, clothes and accessories made by local designers,fresh and cooked Scottish produce, & ethically-sourced gifts. ” I hope to pop down to Edinburgh Wavely and have a browse at this unique idea. 


20140524-130343-47023376.jpgI love vintage fairs! This was my First Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair and my second after Loulous Vinatge Fair 2013. I love how you get the opportunity to bargain with the owners of the stalls! Fantastic turnout! and well done Edinburgh, one of the stall’s even said Edinburgh was more busy than on the previous day in Glasgow!

One of the shoppers said she had been attending Judy’s Vintage Fair for over 4/5 years now. And always recommends her friends. This is a great form of Word of Mouth Marketing for the Fair- as it shows visitors believe in the professionalism from the fair.

Great Job! and Amazing selection for stalls! Keep and eye on the fashion side from Nicole’s Blog –

Dream To Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤

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