The masquer-Aid

Exciting times for 2nd year Events Student at Queen Margaret University Edinburgh!! Students have been working on their projects since September and are in the time frame to produce their event.
I know first hand how stressful yet exciting this process is as I was in the same position this time two years ago with Olymphusion.
My friend Lipa Hussain is part of the team called Masquer-Aid. Lipa is full of ambitious and has such a positive photo.phpoutlook on life. I met Lipa a few years ago when she bravely emailed me and asked me advice on Events Management. I was glad to be a role model and also happy to come a cross the next generation of Event Coordinators.

In support of Children’s 1st Masquer-Aid is a 3 course dinner at the Edinburgh Jam house. The £35pp ticket included a drink on arrival. This charity event aims to entertain and give audience members a reason to dress up and wear a mysterious mask.

During the event the team have entertainment such as gymnastics, a magician and even an opera singer! The Masquer-Aid team will also be selling after party tickets at the same location for only £5.

According to The MasquerAid
“Experience a glamorous night filled with enigma and mystic. Step into a world where illusion and reality merge and let yourself question the truth. How do you know that what you know is real? When does the obvious deceive you? Find out this March!tn_ChildrensFirst2011w_x200y119
The well-known charity Children 1st improves the lives of vulnerable children and young people in Scotland. First and foremost we intend to highlight the charity’s “See. Hear. Speak. Act on Sexual Abuse” campaign, which keeps the spotlight on the issue of child sexual abuse. The charity stresses that “we need to open our eyes, listen to children and help them speak up when things are wrong.
We have chosen the symbol of the mask to represent the suppressed hardship, pain and suffering an abused child deals with. By lifting this mask and helping the victims speak the truth, we can protect children from sexual abuse. Stand in solidarity with abused children; attend the masquerade!”
I’m really proud of Lipa and her colleagues as they have marketed the event really well! I saw the Masquer-Aid posters in the Queen Margaret University Starbucks cafe.

I’m excited to attend Masquer-Aid! Can’t wait! Any reason to go shopping and find a beautiful outfit! Hopefully finding a Mask is not going to be hard. Let’s go shopping!!

Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤
Sultana ❤

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