A Bird’s Tale by Nilufar Islam

Hey my beautiful readers!! Beyond excited to write this post! In my ‘about Sultana’ section I say ‘I hope to inspire, educate and encourage my readers’. I believe it is extremely important to support and encourage talented individuals especially in Scotland.

I am extremely proud of my Cousin Nilufar Islam as mentioned in my previous blog ‘A Birds Tale’. ‘A Birds Tale‘ has been short listed in the prestigious Bemz Design Awards Competition 2014.
Vote for Nilufar Islam to represent the UK: http://www.bemz.com/en/designaward/vote-now/

It is great to see so much support from the local Edinburgh and Scottish Borders community. ‘A Bird’s Tale’ got over 150 likes within two days! (https://www.facebook.com/ABirdsTaleByNilufarIslam) The talented designer even got over 500 Votes for the competition within 48 Hours!

Nilufar’s Design collection called ‘A Bird’s Tale’ has been mentioned in the Award winning Evening News, Scotsman – http://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/edinburgh-students-taking-fashion-world-by-storm-1-3289916

The Heriot Watt Textiles student was on the ITV News – http://www.itv.com/news/border/story/2014-02-04/scottish-borders-student-to-take-on-world-fashion-talent/

The University Nilufar Islam attends have been so supportive – http://www.hw.ac.uk/news-events/news/heriot-watt-textile-student-has-designs-the.htm

As her favourite cousin 😀 I interviewed Nilufar Islam at our favourite dessert and coffee location at Harvey Nichols Chocolate Lounge. I asked Nilufar a number of questions on her work, the Bemz competition and future plans.

Tell me about yourself?1795740_1401188546801718_130098962_n

“I am passionate about detailed painting and drawing and I really like translation them into interior and fashion fabrics. Although different areas of the market, I like to cross boundaries and create a lifestyle approach to print. I believe my work has a strong handwriting with a focus on producing intricate yet contemporary designs. I am a meticulous worker and I constantly strive to improve my work skills of draughtsmanship.”

When did you realise you wanted to be a Textile Designer?

“After High School, I went to Telford College to build up my Art Folio and myself confidence as a designer. I always had a love for fashion and interiors and It was during my time there I was introduced to HND Textiles which was definitely the right course for me as it allowed me to touch both market areas and helped me to express myself creatively and professionally. At that stage in my life I was very confident I was pursuing in the right career path.”

Me and the rest of our family are so proud of you, what would it mean to you if you won?

“My family and friends are so proud of me and they have been such a huge support team in my life, constantly pushing me forward to achieve my goals and always being very understanding when I have made social compromises and always putting my education first. I take great pride in being a Scottish Asian designer and I really want to represent my University and the whole of Scotland. My dream and ambition is to become a successful textile designer for fashion and interiors. Whether it’s in Scotland or down in London I would love to work in a design studio doing what I love most and being recognised for my use of delicate florals and birds.


Tell me about the competition, what is it about? Your inspiration and why you felt this competition was right for you to enter?

“I really enjo1780737_1401189773468262_1936924537_nyed working on The Bemz Design Awards, it was a great opportunity to showcase my work and to execute my qualities and skills as a designer. I am so excited to have been selected and for the judges to admire and see potential in my design. The given brief was to draw inspiration from the styles and movements that ruled the art world at the beginning of the 20th century in your country, and create a new interpretation that incorporates its principles in your work showing influences and ideas that have evolved from that era juxtaposed with new digital printing design and the level of flexibility and self-expression this technology affords. A Birds Tale was very much inspired by the Arts and Crafts Movement, a movement which I believe revolutionized interior design and repeat as we know today. “Pomegranate” by William Morris was the focus point of my inspiration, I fell in love with the decorative details and the build up of colours. I really wanted to bring that quality alive in my work but through my own modern interpretation. I really hope to win, it would be such an amazing step forward into a promising career, I take great pride in my work and I1800178_1401189473468292_612990001_n really want to represent the Design for Textiles programme at Heriot Watt University and Scotland.”

Julien MacDonald:

Tell us about your internship with Julien MacDonald? How did you get the placement? What will you you be doing there?

“During the Christmas Break it was a good time for me to consider what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be after education. So I collated a list of designers and companies which I have always looked into for inspiration and have admired through the years and would love the opportunity to work with. I was pleased to hear back from Julien Macdoanld offering me a week internship leading upto London Fashion Week. I believe this will be such an invaluable experience and to broaden my skills and knowledge as a designer. I am looking forward to being part of such a creative and ambitious team and being involved in London Fashion.”

Was there stiff competition?

“There was very stiff competition in getting the placement, however they were very impressed with my intricate and detailed hand and also the briefs I had worked on during my time with Bebaroque last summer. Bebaroque is an award winning Scottish label, known for their decorative and embroidered tights and bodysuits. During my placement I was the assistant to the Co Director and my responsibilities were quality control and beadwork onto samples for press release, such as Russian Vogue and working on commissioned tights for their high profiled cliental.”

What do you hope to learn from it?

“At this moment in time I am working on my final degree collection and I believe the timing for my internship is perfect, as it will give me the chance to witness a collection coming together in its final stages and how everything is executed for the catwalk. Julien Macdonald’s work is always so glamorous and high octane and he achieves this theatrical impact, where each collection comes to life and takes you to another world, I hope to learn from him and achieve this in my own collection.”


Since we were young Nilufar has always been a perfectionist and she always has put 110% into her work. She has always been extremely enthusiastic about her art work and her dreams. She has a great humble personality which makes me everyone love her. Her designs and work speaks for itself.I am extremly proud of my cousin! Well done!

Hope you enjoyed this read! and I hope to keep my readers updated the 1499681_1401182130135693_129791178_nnext few weeks!

Please Vote Nilufar Isalm


Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤


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