#100DaysofaScottishAsianBride [Day 16]

#100DaysofaScottishAsianBride [Day 16]

Nikkah Bridal shower 05/09/2015 

Thanks to Hassy my maid-of-honour for organising such a fun packed day. It was brilliant! Thought out everything and I love the personalised touches! Especially the goodie bags for my Hen’s!

Photo 05-09-2015, 18 39 37Photo 06-09-2015, 10 22 40

Dalhousie castle & Aqueous House 

We were so lucky the sun was shinning and we got to dress up! Never had a day like this before, even my birthday I don’t make it about me, I always share it with Jess and Hassy. But this day was something different, first time ever having all my close friends together. And we all spoke as one, my friend Amrit asked to go around the table and tell how I met each and every one of my girls. It truly made me feel so blessed to have such beautiful woman in my life.Photo 05-09-2015, 13 17 50Photo 05-09-2015, 18 37 10 (1)

The spa was great! I enjoyed the company of being in the pool more than the treatment to be honest (suppose to be a 30 minute treatment but as the beautification where behind schedule it was only a 20 minute treatment, Cheeky I know!)

Le monde

The current bridal party trend is everyone wearing black and the Bride-to-be wearing white! I’m glad everyone stuck to the colour theme (accept when Ash didn’t take her khaki jacket off :P)

Photo 05-09-2015, 23 52 27

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As always Team Ben! I don’t enjoy my night unless it’s DJ prospect on the decks! Not going to lie such an emotional night… Saying goodbye to this lifestyle to prepare myself as a Mrs. Pretty intense having a breakdown hugging Jess and Amber.. The most beautiful hearted woman in the world.

I can’t believe I’ll be a wife next week…..Photo 06-09-2015, 19 36 40


Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤

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