Tartan & Turbans Burns Supper 2015

Photo 02-03-2015 21 40 00My favourite Scottish independent designer Christine Watson was showing her latest collection at the Second Annual Tartan & Turbans Burns Supper 2015! I was invited along to blog this fantastic event to raise awareness for two amazing causes! Show Racism the Red Card and UK Friends of Unique home (Punjab) charity! With my events experience I volunteered to help set up the event 🙂

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The event was organised by Linsay Given Black! A generous career woman that organised this fundraiser in her free time!

The Team

Prior to the event I arranged the Make-up artist – Afsheen Ali from The Asian Wedding Exhibition, Edinburgh. Afsheen is one of the most professional Asian makeup artists I have came across in the Fashion and beauty industry in Scotland! Her work speaks for it self! The models always look flawless! I was lucky that I managed to sneak in and get a makeover 🙂

I asked Ash Mahmood to help me set up as she was looking for hours for her work experience module at college. It was great having an events buddy!Photo 30-01-2015 19 16 08

Kaz Strathemore from Metropolitan Fashion Show was also the photographer! I love how the Scottish Fashion industry is so connected!


Photo 30-01-2015 15 02 19 Photo 30-01-2015 15 03 06

Fashion Show

The Tartan used for Christine’s fabulous dresses were supplied by David McGill. The three themed tartan pieces were:

  1. Liverpool Tartan
  2. Newcastle Tartan
  3. India Tartan


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I love what Christine and David done together! Beautiful pieces! The Sun Newspaper came along to take pictures!

Photo 30-01-2015 18 45 53 Photo 30-01-2015 18 48 40

I loved the atmosphere! I was loving the east meets west mix up! With the Dhol players and Bagpipes. Entertainment by KROWN Entertainment and the Guys from the Royal Dhol Force.



The food provided by Thistle Hotel was lovely! I got myself a veggy version of haggis! I love mashed potatoes. AND obviously Desert!

Photo 30-01-2015 20 09 16Photo 30-01-2015 20 54 52 Photo 30-01-2015 21 31 53Photo 30-01-2015 21 36 48Photo 30-01-2015 19 37 14

Thank you Linsay for having me! I’m proud to be part of an amazing fundraiser for a great cause!  Show Racism the red Card!

Show Racism the Red Card

This event blog came at the perfect time as I would like to talk about this topic. I’m a very proud Scottish Asian living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Brought up full of culture and accepted with my western lifestyle. This weekend I encountered a racial attack. YES! in the year 2015! I’ve not heard such foul language in around 12/13 years! Three days later I’m still shocked that in this century some uneducated ignorant individual would even see me as ‘different’. The weird thing was it was in an R&B room? Were the ethnic minority is multicultural!? It was nice to know the three young girls were chucked out of Opal Lounge, George street (Luckily they did not ruin our fabulous birthday party with the ClubTipsy pop up).

Here is what http://www.srtrc.org/faqs#faq26 say on there Facts and Questions section:

Racism is extremely negative for society. People may experience racism as a result of an individual’s actions or because an institution’s procedures disadvantage them (institutional racism).

These words have been used as weapons to hurt people, and make them feel different, unwelcome and not valued. Often people are being judged on their skin colour or appearance,

I just wanted to use my social platform to get this message out there and say no to Racism!

Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤

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