Super Bhabi: Wedding DIY – SELFIE FRAME



Hey blogbees,

Its just over a week since Rosie Posie left the nest and left me with a house full of boys (Barr MIL) ūüė¶ </3 Congratulations to the beautiful new couple!

Probably my most requested snapchat EVER! How I created my sissy-in-laws selfie frame for her Mehndi. I had to turn my Snap messaging off cause I was getting the same messages….. (not annoying at all when your a busybee)¬†¬†download



  1. White cardboard (2.99 the Range)
  2. White thin Canvas (2.99 The Range)
  3. Artificial Purple Peony flowers (5.95 Ebay)
  4. Artificial Light pink Peony flowers (5.95 Ebay)
  5. Artificial pink rose flowers (6.89 Ebay)
  6. Artificial Ivory rose flowers (6.89 Ebay)
  7. Wall stickers (15.50 Smarty Wall stickers)


Step 1

a) Use a ruler and pencil (so you can rub out any mistakes) to measure the frame. I did 6cm between the edge and center, then drew a straight line between the measurements so my frame would be straight, then with the cutting mat and craft knife cut out the middle.

b) Do the same steps with the thin canvas (This doesn’t need to be as neat as this is for the back of the frame to keep sturdy)

PS use strength to ensure you cut into the paper to get a clean finish or you will have rough edges.

Step 2 

Using the craft pliers pull/cut out the stems from the flowers. By pulling out the stems it makes the back of the flowers flat so when you glue it onto the cardboard makes it easier to grip and stick.

PS please be aware sometimes the flowers fall a part as when you take the stem out, you might take out the glue that kept the flowers intact. 

Step 3

Display and arrange the flowers to what you are happy with. If you want it to look natural you may choose a random selection of flowers and leafs or more a symmetrical look by mirroring the result.

PS I stuck the green leafs first before the flowers. 

Step 4

Cut out the wording for your personalised frame. Again display and arrange it so you are happy with the spacing ect.

PS I got a smaller size originally which was too small, so did a double order ended up getting a bigger size

Order details: “Personalised Wall Sticker Custom, Text”¬†Size: Large – 56cm long x 23cm high¬†Price: ¬£15.00 Colour: Magenta Text Style: Text Style 7 Text Required: Rosie’s Mehndi Raat 10th February 2018 Number of lines: 2 lines Text Alignment: Center Aligned


I used hairspray on the flowers to keep it intact, this may not be necessary (I’m extra like that)

AND TA-DA…Hope you enjoyed my DIY wedding blog ūüôā




#100DaysOfaScottishAsianBride #SuperBhabi


One thought on “Super Bhabi: Wedding DIY – SELFIE FRAME

  1. i love how you made it so easy for everyone and it’s really usefully, i wanted to ask you where did you get the carsboard from as i couldnt find any online on the range website. also what size was the cardboard?
    thank you .

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