Outfit post: Eid 2017 Day 2 

Hey blogbees! 

How was your weekend? If you saw my snapchat from Saturday you’d have seen I  Queued for over an hour at the Harvey Nichols, London branch to get a colour match on a Fenty beauty foundation. And was left disappointed as no colours matched my skin tone 😭 Anyone as disappointed with the Fenty Beauty as much as me 😩 (or am I the only muggle or bloggger)

Eid day 2

So Eid day 2 we had my sissy-in-law inlaws all come up to my house for Eid lunch! I wasn’t feeling very well so wasn’t my usual #superbhabi ! Hall pass tehehe 

My Luton mummy bought me and Rosie posie matching sarees! As I was working the first day of Eid so wasn’t any point wearing a saree for a few hours so I ended up wearing mine on Saturday and rosie posie wore hers Friday.

Saree from the one and only @Saree_bazaar

I put my saree on all by myself!! (Husband helped pin) I’m getting there mama! 

#selfie #100daysofascottishasianbride #makeuplover #beautyblogger #fashionblogger

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