Preview: Asian Bride Live 2015 Olympia London‏


Hey Blogbees,

Can you believe its already coming up for a year since I first went to the Asian Bride Live London!! Where has the time went?! Can you believe I said

I am extremely blessed that within a few month I’ve attended more than a handful of wedding exhibition AND am not even a bride – the irony ;)…….

Asian Bride 2014

After being invited to Asian bride Live 2014, London and then attending Asian Bride Live 2015, Birmingham, the brilliant team have invited me back for the Asian Bride Live 2015 Olympia London‏!!!!

Here are some of the images from my previous Asian Bride Live experience!

Photo 15-03-2015 16 03 17 Photo 21-03-2015 08 00 33 Photo 15-03-2015 15 15 58IMG_0286  IMG_0274

Asian Bride Live is back this October 2015!! But this time in the fantastic venue space of Olympia London. Like most event students from my year will know, we know every single detail regarding the Olympics 2012! And the social, economic and environmental impacts ASK AWAY ;)! I can’t wait to visit and see the venue space!

For an amazing 11 years now! Asian Bride is the UK’S leading south Asian wedding Publication! Imagine putting over a decade worth of wedding experience into a wedding exhibition! Well ladies and Bride-to-be 😉 the Asian Bride Me Live is the holy grail of wedding planning!


Photo 15-03-2015 18 52 12

I can’t wait to attend the best Asian wedding exhibition for wedding inspiration and ideas. What more can a bride-to-be want 2 days worth of fashion and events! With 180 stalls of Exhibitors and a fashion show featuring some of the biggest names in wedding decor, fashion, bridal lookbook and much more!

I am looking forward to the fashion show! I am continuously hunting for the dream wedding gown and I’m hopping the fabulous catwalk will give me inspiration toward the right direction!

The video clips and images from the Asian Bride 2014, London drove my social media crazy! I can’t wait to share my experience with all my blogbees make sure you are following me on Instagram and Twitter @Sultana_Malik. Follow Asian Bride Live for updates @AsianBrideMe

What’s better the event is FREE! Simply Register at


Dates – 31st October and 1st November 2015


Further information

Keep and eye on my blog and the Asian Bride Live blog page for updates 😉

Dream to Inspire ❤ ❤

Sultana ❤

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